Wanaka Weekly

15 December 2011

Another week of glorious weather in Wanaka.  We have had a drop of rain to freshen things up and keep the grass green, and the rest of the time it has been hot, hot, hot!

Many of the guests this week have been making the most of the weather - we have had some of the hottest temperatures in the country!  The lake is full of swimmers already - still a touch cold for some of us that are a little on the soft side!!

Wanaka Golf Course has just been ranked in the Top 40 Golf Courses in NZ by a British group!  Wayne will be up there as soon as his hip is back to full capacity I am sure!  At the moment he is still laid up on the couch with his crutches but we think we may be able to get some work out of him soon!

Wanaka Selection has acquired 2 new houses that will be online as soon as - keep an eye on facebook next week for some initial photos.  Dragonfly Cottage is getting the finishing touches as we speak so we will have some fancy photos coming for that as well - it looks amazing!!

See you next week

Kylie, Mandy, Wayne and the Te Wanaka Team

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